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January 12, 2007



Hey this is M.V.I think literacy is the right to express oneself and understand others oral and written form.


Literacy is when you have the ability to read,write,speak,and to read. If that's our next assignment it,s going to be fun because I like to read.


Literacy is when you use information from a book and put it in your own words


I think literacy is when you are able to do something.


I'm Tina and I think literacy is like a class so that you can learn mopre.

dulce maria

My name is Dulce Maria and I think literacy means name of a county or a statue.


I think literacy means you can read, write, and speak, and listen.


This is Mary.
I believe literacy is when you take the time to learn the facts then write them in your words. What it means is being able to be knowledgeable about a certain subject.


I read that literacy the ability to identify,understand,interpet,create,communicate, and compute.

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