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March 21, 2007



He is the news of the year. The celebrity of the month. The baby of the year. I would love to see him at school Mrs.A promised us so see you soon Eli.


I think it's a great thing that MS.A had a baby.I wonder if Eli will get good education since his mom is a teacher.


Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen! We are so happy that Mrs.A had her baby! I hope her the best of luck with her new family! And I hops to see her soon!Do you think Eli is adorible?
C U Later,


I am so happy that Eli has entered the world. He is going to have a wonderful and beautiful mom!! He is going to be a smart boy and he will listen very well!


I hope he meets mrs.A's dog ruby and they have a companionship. My grand mother was going to sew him a blanket, pillow, and some clothes.


Eli is the name of a brand new baby in the world! Mrs.A had a baby and she send us pictures of him. He is so cute! He looks adorable. I can tell that Mrs.A is very happy and we are too!


We got a new person in the world and hopfully we get to see him. I am happy for your new baby Mrs. and Mr.A. I like how his hair is spiking up a little. I hope you injoy your new baby Eli.



Eli welcome to the new world. Eli when you were born on March 15th i was so exited well acsoly the hole class was. When your mom sent in a picture of you. You looked like a little foot ball player. I said you looked like a little football player because there is a guy named Eli manning that plays for the giants.
from T.k


Ms. A
This is mia speaking. I am so happy that you have had your baby. We really miss you.A lot. Please come back soon. Say hi to Eli for me.
Best wishes and your student

Mrs. Emmert

Hello Class! Sorry it has been so long since I responded. Thanks for all your great posts about Eli. I can't wait to come back to school and bring him to visit. You guys are doing great with your blogging!

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