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April 27, 2007



Now that I know what this map thingy is it sounds really cool and I will be able to see where everyone is and I can maybe do some research on where they live or something.


Glad to see we've put Dunoon on the map for a few more far-flung people!

Scott S. Floyd

I plan on using it this summer to document our family summer trip. I am going to take photos along the way and decide which ones best represent our experience. I will then load then into My Maps (new feature with Google Maps) at the appropriate point on the map so my students and peers can see virtually our journey. I can add the picture (linked from my Flickr account) and then a description of what we did in that area or why it is important to note. Since my wife is not big on having my six year old's face on the Internet, He will just be adding description and taking photos with me instead. His class next year will enjoy the new style digital story he will have to tell.

I am going to encourage my students to do the same in the hopes that they will share it with their teachers next year and get them energized into using more technology.

A neat thing about My Maps is that you can make them public or keep them private, so that is good for my classroom use with students. I could do the same for science projects that our grade level does when they map out a piece of property.


I think it is a picture of a jelly fish . I say that because the top is so cluttered and it reminds me of the head of a jelly fihs and the long pieces coming out if it is the tentacles. This is why it looks liek a jelly fish to me.

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