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May 01, 2007


Beth Lepper

Anne, This is my first visit to your class blog. I am intrigued by the picture. I would love to be present when your kids are discussing the possibilities.

I am always looking for activities that would work well in Special Education Classrooms. Thanks for sharing.

I definitely will be a regular visitor.


It looks like a jellyfish or something my mother ran over.


Im not really sure what this is. It kinda looks like some kind of plant or something.


I think that this is a metaphorical sign of a creature left to hang and be watched in front of whoever pleases. Like in mid-evil days, when somebody was punished. But this creature was not doing anything wrong, it was accused of something it did not do because of the way it looked. Now it is left high and dry.


I think that this object is maybe a plant from under the sea. Maybe like a sea urchant or some other plant.


I think it looks like coral, or sometthing.


I think that it is a man who for the first time is trying to help his wife hang up clothes out side to dry. Only the problem he has is that he doesn'r know how to. He needs to learn how to out smart the clothes pins to hang his clothes.

Alex G

I actually can't put my finger on what I think it might be. It could pass maybe as a four legged tree, but other then a tree I can't think of anything else it would be.


I dont know what this thing is but it looks like a sea urchin or somebody was playing jenga and lost to a string.MAN I KNO WAT THIS THING IS BUT ITS STUMPIN ME AT THINKIN. DID SOMEBODY'S SCIEBCE PROJECT GO WRONG?


I think it is a plant in a hanging pottery thing, and I think it's either a fake or it's dead.


I think it looks like fish caught in a net by their tales.


I think this looks like...ummm like some kinda sea creature or like and idea that the guy is having.


danielle says its Christmas lights. I agree.

ashley kane

i think that this picture is some type of mushroom and or mabey a vine or tree.


the picture looks like a jellyfish.


haha no its not x-mas lights. ITS A MONSTER...RUN TAYLOR!!!. ITS GONNA GET YOU HAHA


G's always get things right, its a jelly fish.


I think it is some type of coral or seaweed that is hanging down from the surface of the ocean


I think that it's a whole bunch of wires glued together.


It looks like some type of seaweed or something from the ocean hanging from something that looks like a beehive.


I'm not sure but I think it's a jellyfish.


I think that it looks like fading cloud. =]


i think it looks like a plant or something droping down.

justin (jt)

i think it is vines. i think so because it looks like old vins hanging off something. i dont really know, so yea.


I think it looks like a vine or some kind of plant..

Courtney K.

its deff. an ALIEN SHIP! and those lines coming down are the light stuff that pick up the people! and its floating.


umm, i guess it looks like a tree or something.


Timeka says its a jellfish, science project gone wrong or something that her mom rode over and i totally agree wit her. It kinda looks like all three cuz 'mekas mom wode ride over anything that she doesnt kno wut it is.... (: :)


I think that this picture looks like a man standing next to a waterfall. It looks like a waterfall because the big blob at the top is the river thingy.. and the vines are the water falling down the side of a clif, and all the leaves on the vines are rocks comming out of the side of the cliff.


I think it is a jellyfish. the top is shaped like a jellyfish body and the things hanging down look something on a jellyfish.


the picture looks like a dryed up plsnt that hangs on the cieling. It looks as if the plant is dying and no one is feeding the plant all there just doing is looking at the plant die..

Calik R.

I think its like a vein or plant leaves on it under water...!


I think this picture is a really big slinky. When I was little I use to drop one side and hold onto the other side and it would hang and that is what this picture looks like.


i think it looks like some kind of dead plant or like a dead vine with leaves.


i think this object is an octopus under water.


i think its a vine with fake leafes cause there gold


I think it looks like some sort of mobile thing


chandelier taisa took mine


I think that it looks like a plant.


i think this picture is a picture of a rocks because the texture of the picture seems rough


I thin this crazy thing is a vine or some type of plant.


To me this is a picture of a chandelier. It looks like the man i lookn at it, he look confused as if he also trying to find out what it is.{Kevin took mines}


well i really dont know what this is but ima take a guess and say an old coral reef or an old plant that never got watered.hey i dont kno.


this picture looks like an upside-down coral reef


i think the pic looks like a guy trying to put up christmas lights. i dont no why but i think it looks like christmas lights.


japenese oak tree model


It's a picture from the High Museum of Art.


I think it's a piece of art project or demonstration.


I think it's stale and dry coral from the ocean.


I can't tell what it is because I already have seen it before i'll never tell. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHMWAMWMAMWMAMWMAMWAM


I have no clue at all what this picture is. But if I had to guess what the picture would be than I would have to say it's a type of vine our something!
But I will find out what it is today!
Catch ya later,


I think that this picture looks like a plant and it's long vines.Is it a plant with long vines or is a long mushroom plant?


I think it is a sculpter that some one sculpteed or a scultor of a plant under the ocean or a sculptive mushroom.


Mrs. C,
Is it from the High Museum of Art? I know I have seen it before!



To me it looks like a sea plant in the ocean.


I think that it is a type of fungus or some type of seaweed or algea from under the ocean. I think that it is a vine or something

Anthony Powell

Thanks for mentioning us in your blog. our ninth grade English classes had fun looking over your site and trying to guess the subject of the picture. Blogicians- keep up the good work with this blog and enjoy the rest of your school year!


I love the idea of getting that ant hill out the ground I thought of it as the worlds largest lily pad not an anthill.
Catch ya later,

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