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May 09, 2007



I'm curious to know how he knew how long to wait untill it was all done with.I wish I could pour plaster down an ant hill at my house but safety comes first.


I still think the picture looks like a tree. what if they poured anti freeze down on. then what will happen.


I think it is very intresting that a researcher would pour plaster down an anthill! But it was a good idea. Check out my blog and you will see my next post. The post is about the answers to the questions about the researcher that poured plaster down an ant hill!
Gotta go,


That would be so cool if i could go to my house and pour plaster down an ant hill. Have you ever tried that and will you?


I wish we could pour some plaster down an anthill. I still haven't been able to make that comment to Mr.Fisher I'll try to though.


I knew that was an ant hill and I fugured he wanted to find out was down there


I wouldn't try to pour plaster down an ant hill because of you dig that plaster up you might get bit by millions of ants. Also I can't belive that you got 57 comments from a different class. I will try to get Mr.Kuropatwa to make his kids comment to that post and try o guess what it is.


Thats really amaizing! I wounder how he managed to do that!


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