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Bronwyn G

Hello, Neville and class!

Hope you enjoyed your first day of blogging.

It seems from the student comments that they have learnt a lot about typing and putting their ideas together.

I'm glad Anne Davis pointed out being an ambassador to the school and the world. It sounds like your students are going to be good ambassadors.

Students, what do you think of the experience? I have seen: Christian, Ian, Mimi thus far.


Welcome to the blogging world. There are many great days to come.

Happy blogging.


I was real nervous about weblogging when I first started. I started in weblogging in December. First , I didn't know what was going to happen. I thought they were going to ask one million questions, but they didn't. I love weblogging.I like it because I get to type on the computer.


Dear Miss Neville,

I enjoyed blogging. It was so so so fun! I have my own blogging site. I blog about what happens during the day and what I am doing at school. My mom helps me with my blog. I like writing in it.

Please leave a comment! Love, Kristen

Bronwyn G


Could you give us a pointer to your own blogging site?


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