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Bronwyn G

Dear Neville,

I would like to welcome you to the blogging world.

I am sure you will learn heaps through this revolutionary method of learning. I am also sure that you can contribute so much.

I look forward to seeing what you and the Head students do with this wonderful opportunity. Anne Davis truly is a shining star in the blog world. I am glad you received instructions from her.

Anne Davis

What a great picture! I enjoyed working with your group today - posted about them on my blog!

Steve Harmon

Hi Miss Neville,

I'm excited that this project has finally gotten started. Thanks for perservering. I'm certain it's going to be a fun and meaningful learning experience for everyone.

Please let me know what I can do to help.



Hi Miss Neville. I like your class!


Miss Neville, my name is Graciela and I'm a web logger at J.H.House Elementary School in Rockdale County. Web logging is extremely fun for me, we always learn something new,each Thursday when we come to do our post and talk about how we can improve our writing, Ms.Meeler, our web log teacher always shows us how GREAT web logging is. Weblogging is one of the most important things happening to me throughout the school year. I just hope I get a web log in sixth grade.
How long have you been waiting to get a web log?
Why do you want a web log?
What things would you show your students about weblogging?
Is there something else going on besides weblogging?
Miss Neville, If you want your students and you to be great web loggers and still have good grades, your students can improve by having patience and not trying but doing your best.
Will all your students have web logs?


This is the only 2nd grade class I have ever heard do blogging. That is really amazing and impressive. Mrs. Neville I have met Anne Davis before and she gave us impressive hints. What hints did Anne gave you Mrs. Neville? How many kids do you have blogging?Okay Neville here is my last question. Why do you want to blog with your kids and why?


Hi, Miss.Neville My name is Diana and I really liked your blog. You took a really good picture and I hope that you will like working with webloggers but I am sure you will. Weblogging is something that you will enjoy doing.
I do enjoy weblogging because it is fun. The first day that I came to weblogging I was really excited. I wanted to know how it feelt being in weblogs and now I know.


Hey dad! Surprise!!! I loved it when you commented on our blog. Your Son

Steve H.

Hi back Emerson! That was a surprise. I'm excited about seeing what you guys do with your blog. I don't know of any other 2nd grade classes that are blogging. You all could be the first!

Keep up the good work.

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