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Steve H.

I love words! I especially like learning new words and learning about where words come from.

For instance, maybe you've heard of the Sahara Desert in Africa. That's what we call it in English. But in Arabic (the language they speak in Egypt) "sahara" means "desert." So really we are calling it the Desert Desert.

A lot of words in English come from other languages. What about this word, "kindergarten?" Where do you guess it comes from? What does it really mean?

Bronwyn G

I am another who loves words.

Kindergarten comes from the German.

It means children's garden, and a kindergarten is where the children learn through play.

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed comes from a squirrel and means bright and enthusiastic.

Are you going to have a test or something along these lines?


Sometimes I like learning new words if they are interesting. Usually I wonder what they mean and cannot wait to find out.
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