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Bronwyn G

Brittany, I think you would make a good music teacher when you are older. I had a very good piano teacher before she went overseas to Scotland. As a result, I do know how to play, but I am a little rusty due to not having practised for so long, longer than you have been alive, I suspect!


Greetings from California, Brittany!

I wish I could play a musical instrument. I have tried to learn, but I just don't have much talent. I can play the spoons, though.

I like it when my daughters have friends sleep over. I like making pancakes for them in the morning.


Daer Bronwyn G,

Thank you for the wonderful commet.I bet you were a great piano player.

Your Friend,



I bet you could play a instrument if you try.


Bronwyn G

I tried my best at piano, yes. Really, it was being at the keyboard. I was very good at playing classical pieces my last year of piano, as well as Christmas carols.

I'm sure you play the piano well too. What pieces do you like best to play, or do you like them all? And how do you feel about performance?

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