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Bronwyn G

Why do writers write books, I wonder? It is a question I started asking myself when I was about your age, Brittany. Some writers write books because they want to make money. Some writers write books because they want to express themselves and share their experiences. Some writers write books because they want to help other people. I'm sure you and the class can think of many reasons to write books.

Some writers like to write other things when they take a break from writing books. Books take a long time to write: perhaps a year or two. Even a children's reader takes a few hours to write.

An outline is an excellent way to organise an assignment or a book. Some people do not really like them because they're not intuitive enough, but for logical thinkers they can be great. You can put ANYTHING you want into the outline, no matter how silly.

Miss Neville


What an excellent question! We will be talking about why people write on Tuesday. Can you think of any reasons? Why do you write stories?

Bronwyn G

I would be interested to hear why Miss Neville thinks people write books, and what all you students think.

They will be very interesting because writers write books for different reasons.

I too would like to hear why you write stories.


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Hi Brittany!! You ask some really good questions about writing. My hand hurts too after I write a lot. What helps me with my hand hurting is that I type a lot of my writing on the computer, which is much easier on your hand. I also like your question about why writers write. I would say most writers write to entertain, persuade, explain, or even to reflect. What is your favorite book? One of my favorite fantasy books is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Have you heard of this book? J.K. Rowling is a very imaginative author.


Miss Neville,
I write stories because I like to inpress you and my parents.

Your Friend,



Thank you for the comment. I have the movie Harry Potter.


Bronwyn G

There are four movies with Harry Potter in them, and soon there will be a fifth (2007 I believe).

Brittany: What a good reason to write stories, but somehow I'm not fully satisfied. I suppose it is because I, along with most writers, write first for myself, and then simultaneously for their audience whoever it may be. J K Rowling wrote Harry Potter for herself first, and I am sure many writers would say they write the stories they want to read.

Would you say you wrote the stories you wanted to read most of the time?

Why do you think writing has so much power to impress adults and children, Brittany? Say, as opposed to the television or the radio?

PS: In the Commonwealth we know this book as Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

I have been enjoying learning how to play an old adventure game (1985!) called Black Cauldron. It's based on a story by Lloyd Alexander, and then the Disney movie. I have really enjoyed it, except when Taran (the protagonist) falls into the water. You might really enjoy the stories - Black Cauldron is the second one, but Rule of Three is the first one.


Brittany, how do you feel about being a new web logger? You probably feel great to actually post about what you think and are concerned about what worries you.
In order to make your post sound interesting and packed with details, you have to use your own voice. If you don’t know what I’m talking to you about, then I think you should read the following tips on how to use YOUR VOICE. You have to think about the following questions to understand your writing.
• Is this interesting to me?
• *Did I give my opinion?
• Did I say everything I wanted to?
• What did I like the most?
• Did my readers feel like they heard my voice?
• Do I like what I wrote?
• Am I comfortable with what I wrote?
• Does the story match my attitude?
• How do I want my readers to feel?

Brittany, I know that sometimes you may feel that if you use your own voice, people will make fun of you. If for some reason you feel discouraged about people making fun of your writing you could use some of my tips that are simple and will make your writing POP out.
1. First of all if you get to choose your own topic you have to think about what you will write about and be organized.
2. When you have done your final writing paper, go over it and add some words that POP, POP, POP like popcorn.
Pretty elegant
Weird odd
Funny hilarious
3. When you are finished adding eye catching words, then you could add some drawings to explain your topic.
4. Last bought not least, ask questions about your topic
Examples: What did you think about my post? In what ways can I improve? Did I make any errors?

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