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Hi, Cameron!
I'm so jealous that you can do a flip! I am always so impressed when I see someone do that. I always think that maybe I can do a flip off a diving board but when I try I usually hurt myself. OUCH!
Mr. Brune

Bronwyn G

Do you finish your projects in the last little minute, by any chance, Cameron? Glad you enjoy doing projects though. I always enjoyed doing research when I was younger. And I bet you enjoy the writing and drawing on the projects too.


Hi Cameron, from California! I know a boy named Cameron and a girl named Cameron. Are you a girl or a boy?

I can do a flip on the trampoline, but I never learned to do one from the diving board. My sister was a competitive diver, though.


Mr. Brune,

I first tried to do a flip on my friend Luke's trampalin. I actaly did one in my first try! It feels really good when I do one. I'v never landed back on my feet, but I always land on my back.



Thank you for your comments. I am a boy. I can't wait until I try to do a flip of a diving board, can you?!?!

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