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Bronwyn G

I like to write both fiction and non-fiction too!

I'm glad you find writing is entertaining. You will have a friend throughout your life, Cameron.

Lots of the best ideas can be adapted to fiction and non-fiction. One form you might enjoy writing is memoir, which has elements of both.

Susan S.

Your illustration really drew me to your blog. The way the notebook and papers go off the page makes the drawing feel active and exciting. I'd like to really read the page titled "Love".

I have a number of students who would agree with what you say about writing, especially the part about getting to choose their own topics because they really like non-fiction.

Keep writing!

Bronwyn G


Your students really enjoyed the environmental education essay, didn't they? They wrote travelogues and transformed them into essays.

The travelogue is a wonderful genre, but what a shame it's not taught in school! It's one you need to have mastered for the writing industry. Travelogues are very popular. Have your students read them at all?

Cameron and Susan (and everyone who happens along the Neville Blog), I thought you might like to read about my journey:


I think you will get to know a lot about regional Victoria and its place in Australia.

I also would love to read anything you write about love - or some other strong emotion.

This is a meme I made up about beauty:


Bronwyn G


I have to pull your leg a little.

Where does 'nonsense' come into the canon? What about Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear, who wrote Alice in Wonderland and A Child's Book of Nonsense respectively?

Can you think of any nonsense which you enjoy reading and writing? Why do you think some people enjoy nonsense?

Miss Neville


You are such a wonderful writing when you are creating both fiction and non-fiction stories. Why do you like to write more non-fiction stories in class?


Hi Cameron! I am so glad that you are excited about writing! Writing can be quite entertaining, can’t it? I hope that you continue to be passionate. I love that you like to write nonfiction work! I think that nonfiction text can be so exciting! You really get to express what you know! Is this also your favorite topic to read about? What kinds of nonfiction topics do you like to read about?


I love you.

Bronwyn G


That is so sweet you love Cameron.

What do you love about Cameron? We'll let you count the ways.

(That is a quote from a famous poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning).


I do agree about what you wrote but I think that writing is more than just making sense. It is life and the world. See Cameron when you learn to write the way bloggers write you will find out the real way to write truly. There are writing tips and I think those will spark your writing to the top.

WRITING TIPS! 1. Grab the readers’ interest. 2. Give lots of details. 3. Ask a thought provoking question. 4. When you start a new idea, make a paragraph.
5. Read over your paper softly to your when you get done. 6.Use good word choice and don’t repeat the same word over and over.
7. Use your voice not any body else’s.
8. Think of a title that will catch the readers’ attention.

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