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Mr. Brune

Hi, Dominic!
I used to love drwing cars, too! I would love to make the cars with really big fat wheels in the back and flames on the side!
Mr. Brune

Bronwyn G

My cousin Moriah and I played Beetle, which was to draw a car. My car didn't come out very well. I am sure there is a great demand for cars and trucks to be drawn.

Motorcycles are great, aren't they, Dominic? I was going to the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens with my father and we saw LOTS of motorcycles on the highway. We wondered who would be travelling there, and it emerged that it was the OzHogs, who all drive Harley Davidsons.


Greetings from California, Dominic! I like the way you used a lot of colors in your introduction. The blue was a little hard to read.

I used to draw maps of places I imagined, or read about. I liked doing it a lot.


Brownyn G,

I like to because they are fast and look cool.

Bronwyn G

Wow! I like the speed of motorcycles too, and indeed they do look cool.

Do you think you may get one when you are older? What is the youngest you may train for a motorcycle licence?


My dad likes Harley Davidson's, too. I think you have to be sixteen but I don't know for sure. I figure that since people get their drivers license at age 16. My dad has a motorcycle. My grandpa did before he died. I think I will get a motorcycle and learn to ride it at 20. Do you ride motorcycles?


Sorry for the trouble. Why do you want to draw maps?

Bronwyn G


Unfortunately I don't ride motorcycles and I don't have a licence of any sort.

My Uncle Brian died because of a motorcycle accident when he was 15. It was good to hear about your father and grandfather. I hope you blog about them more.

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