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Bronwyn G

Hi, Dominic. Being confident and independent is one of the greatest benefits of writing, I think. I like the way you think about writing too. It is easier to have a topic than not to have a topic.

Miss Neville


It seems like you go back and forth between really enjoying writing and then having a hard time with it. Why is it hard for you to think of topics at times?

Alli Houston

Hi Dominic!
I can definitely relate to your frustrations. I know how exasperating it can be to sit and stare at a blank computer screen or a blank sheet of paper. The good news is that many of the best writers share in your frustration! My husband Chip is a musician and a songwriter. He writes all of the time and yet, he still struggles with finding a topic sometimes!! The best advice that I can offer to you is that when you do have a choice, write about the things that matter to you most. My best writing comes out of these times!

If you still cannot come up with a topic, there are great tools that can help you when you feel this way! At the bookstore, there is a book called “Writer’s Block.” It is a fun book in the shape of a “block” that gives you many different words and prompts to help you start writing!

Happy Writing!!


I think confidence and independence is really great. Thank you for making a comment to me. Do you use confidence and independence sometimes?


Miss Neville

It is hard to choose a topic because you sometimes use alot of topics up and can't think of any more.



My brother exasperates ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Who does that to you?

Bronwyn G

I try to use them all the time, Dominic, especially in my writing. I try not to depend on any other writer in the way I structure my ways, and I have to be confident in my wacky ideas. These are some of the ways I use confidence and independence in my writing. I liked the way you talked about 'use' (sorry if I'm having a Bill Clinton moment - the grownups will understand that he was in Australia recently, and therefore we have been getting a great deal of coverage) - it seems like confidence and independence are tools or strategies.

Yes, in writing one has to be a self-starter, Dominic.


In my school we can choose any kind of topic we want. I like writing too the same as typing because it makes my ideas more creative now. Your blog Dominick made me think about my blogs I did in the past so now I got to take my writing to the next step. In your next blog make your ideas more creative just like what I’m doing and here are some writing tips.

1. Make your blog interesting so you readers can write more to you.
2. Use amazing and creative words to express your ideas.
3. Ask a question at the end of your blog to make your readers think.
4. Think of a really amazing title for your blog so more readers can read it.
5. Remember when you are making a new idea to make a paragraph.
6. When you finish your weblog reread it and see if it makes sense and is it really good.
7. When you have trouble writing asks your teacher for advice and ideas.
8. Do not copy stuff, use your own ideas like I wonder and I feel and make good sentences.

If you want read any amazing and creative words go to my blog and I got some for you. Here is one of my sentences that were in my blog. –When I was in heaven I hit the jackpot by winning a can of soda.

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