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Mr. Brune

Hi, Emerson!
I'm on a strict schedule, too! I get up at the same time every day, get into work at the smae time, leave work at the same time and always have an apple very day with my lunch. And if I forget my bottle of water I have a bad day. And the funniest thing is is that I put that schedule on myself!
Mr. Brune

Bronwyn G

I had to smile at that too, Mr Brune. Would you put on a looser schedule, Emerson, or a stricter one, if it were your choice like Mr Brune? Great to get to know you, your nice dog and your annoying brother! I hope to hear a lot more about them in future blogs. I'm sure you must do things to annoy your brother too!


Greetings from California, Emerson! Brothers CAN be annoying (and so can sisters). What's the most annoying thing he does?


Emerson...All I can say is what my mother used to say to me when I was little. "If you think this is hard...just wait until you grow up!" I giggle to myself when I imagine how hard it will be for you to wake up your own little boy.


So, Emerson...what the most annoying thing that I do? I know it's annoying to you, but it's not annoying to me.

I'm Ian, Emerson's brother and I am 5. I can take Emerson down in wrestling.



ahhhh...Ian,my annoying little bro. I`M GOING TO WallOP YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Bronwyn G

Ah, the sweet smell of brotherly love.

Seriously, your family should comment on your blogs more often.


Browyn G,

I would definteley put on a looser scedule. your mate,Emerson




Dwayne S. Reed

Hey, Emerson.

I just finished reading your introduction and was very impressed. You and I have a lot in common. When I was your age, I had a really nice dog named Tiger. Tiger still lives with my mother in New Jersey. Do you know where New Jersey is? I live in Georgia now, but I miss my family a lot (everyone except my brother). He is VERY annoying just like your brother. What makes your brother so annoying???



He`s cruel to me,and he

thinks he`s the boss of me.


The most annoying thing my brother does is when he slips into my bed at night when I am sleeping. He does this without asking. Also, my cousin lives in California. Thanks for writing to me.

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