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Bronwyn G

Hi Emerson!

Can you tell us more about Barkey adventures and why you like to write them? Do you read other adventure stories, too?

Brainstorming is a very good idea when you don't have an idea.

Miss Neville


Your Barkey Adventure Stories are so delightful! You paint such a great picture with the words you use when you write. Why do you think it is so important to use descriptive words?

Bronwyn G

Because the reader can't hear, see, feel, smell what you're writing about. The sensations that writing produces are all distal sensations.

Of course I'd like to hear your answers.


I read other adventure stories like Jack & Annie, the Magic Tree house series. I like writing adventures because it kind of clears my mind and gets me ready to write. Yes, brainstorming is a very good idea. What is your favorite kind of book to read? Mystery, classical, what's your favorite?


Miss Nevile
I think descriptive words are important because
you give the reader your picture.

Bronwyn G

Oh, all kinds, Emerson!

Perhaps I like to read family stories and school stories the most. I like the feeling of being part of a group. I read romances and fantasies and adventures. I like comedies about real life, and also I like biographies, autobiographies and textbooks. Lots of textbooks can get very interesting, especially college/university textbooks, but even second-grade textbooks to see what you all are learning and how you use it in your lives. I do enjoy the classics, especially Jane Eyre. I love poetry, and at the moment I would have to say that it is an exciting form to read and write in. I would say that it serves a similar function for me that the adventure stories do you.

Could you tell me about the Jack and Annie series? I know something of the Magic Treehouse, but not nearly enough. The adventure stories I have read are like Treasure Island and the Famous Five series (actually I have not read many Famous Five books - only two).

Do you think it is important to read all the books in series to appreciate them? Why do you think writers write series and why do you think readers appreciate them?

Steve H.

You know I think there are a few things I like about writing. The first is the idea that someone will read what I have written. I like entertaining people, so it's nice to know that my writing may brighten someone's day.

The second thing is just like your post Emerson, namely a chance to excercise my creativity. I like thinking up clever plots and characters (for some reason I have never cared as much for settings though). Another way I like to be creative is through the use of words. I like finding new ways to say things. I'm particularly partial to penning puns (and also alliteration).

I have to say though that I don't much enjoy the physical act of writing with a pen or pencil. I'm glad now that I can do most of my writing on the computer (in fact, when I am writing a lot, I don't even type. I just speak my words into the computer).

I'm eager to see the next episode in Barkey Adventures myself (and also the next entry in your Pioneer Trip journal. Please give my character a hat).

Brenda H

Hey Emerson,

I love to read your stories. I don't remember loving creative writing when I was young. I truly loved reading and read all the time...but I don't remember writing. Of course, I know I must have at some point:)

The first time I remember enjoying writing, I was in college taking biology (a type of science where you study living things). We had to write scientific reports about experiments that we did in the laboratory. Wow! I really loved that and I still do!

I enjoy seeing your creativity come through in your writing. What's next for Barkey and his family?


Bronwyn G

Science writing is so awesome. I enjoy reading a paper called The Misbehaviour of Behaviourists. I read lots of biology and psychology, and the journal Nature and New Scientist. And I watch science programmes like Catalyst on Australian TV.

I love scientific experiments and how they get written about. One which affected me very much was the Milgram experiment. It tested people teaching spelling words. They had to pretend there was a shock there, and they went all the way to the highest shock because the experimenter told them it was valuable for the experiment. Oh! And he used social engineering too. He told them he was from Yale.

I do not know that I could have resisted that.

Emerson, stay strong in your convictions and write the Barkley adventures in a moral and interesting way.


Dear, Emerson

Since I started to rhyme, I just can’t stop. It’s just so fun, to do it a blog, maybe you should try, it makes you want to fly. I’m in 5th grade, and bloging is fun, I hope you like it too. I think you’re lucky, yes very lucky indeed. Here’re some tips, that you may need:

Your readers will love if every once in a while, if you use Huge words, which you can learn by reading books. I read the first 4 Harry Potter books in 2nd grade.

Use your own kind of writing or voice.

Most of all have fun! Make sure you have fun posting your blog!

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