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Bronwyn G

Being a builder is a very good job. Perhaps when you are older you could have an apprenticeship, or you could draw the houses for other people to build. Do you look at the houses in a different way from the rest of us? I am sure we would appreciate your vision.

Tell us more about Maryland. It's on the East Coast of America, isn't it, and Georgia is in the midwest?

Your parents sound really great. We should embrace and cherish love wherever we find it.


Hello, Gabe, from California! I am a stepmother, and now my daughter has a stepmother also. Good for all your four parents, for letting you feel so loved.

My dad was a homebuilder. It's a good job, because people always need houses and you get to provide a need.


Bronyn G.,
Thank you for your comments. I may look at them in a different way. Georgia is in the southeast.


Thank you for responding. California is a great state. It is a far way from Georgia!


Mr. Brune,
I guess potatoes get pretty stinky.

Bronwyn G

Why, thank you, Gabe!

I do know California is on the Pacific Coast, and yes, indeed, far away from Georgia.

Could you be more specific about looking at the buildings differently? I find that is what really interests me.

Elizabeth, that is interesting you are a stepmother, and that you make your daughter feel loved.

Jon Stravelakis

Dear Gabe,
My name is Jon and I go to Georgia State University in Atlanta. Ms. Davis came to our class tonight and talked to us about the blogging you are doing in Miss. Neville’s class. I must say I am very impressed. I only have two parents, but they are nice and they love me, so I think it is working out pretty well for me. I am happy to hear you already have a goal to work towards. Building houses is an important job. It is a good idea to build houses out of brick so the big bad wolf can’t blow them down. I have never been to Maryland, but I have been to Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Hawaii, California, Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, and Florida. I agree with you that sometimes it is hard to write, but I think it is worth the effort. My handwriting is not the best either; I guess that’s why I like to write on the computer. It was nice to read your blog; I especially liked the picture of your brain. Keep up the good work.

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