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Bronwyn G

Yes, Gabe, you can be very creative! I think you've proved that with your blogging and other forms of writing. I also like your drawing of the brain. It's pretty accurate. Also there are SPECT scans which show the brain in rainbow colours according to how active that part of the brain is at that time.

I can understand having to use good handwriting being hard. Most of the world does not have a computer, and handwriting is still the most effective way to get your message across to people. It adds also a personal touch. It's partly because my handwriting is so personal I can't take criticism.

I can give you a few tips in using dialogue (the word for conversation in writing). People in writing only use the essential words. Make sure they have different voices. Break dialogue up with action.

'How can I make my writing better?' Gabe asked.

Bronwyn said, 'I don't know. Look around you!'

Gabe thought about everything around him. He tried to find a good topic to write about.

Gabe exclaimed, 'I think I'll write about that butterfly!'

Bronwyn replied, 'Go to it, Gabe!'

So Gabe wrote about the butterfly.

Miss Neville


I love your drawing! It is so vivid and creative! You mentioned that you like being creative when you write. How do you get your creative ideas? Why do you like to be creative in class?


I am going to try to use dialogue. Here goes!

Gabe said, "I'm going to write a story about my dog."
Bronwyn was happy because at least Gabe was writing a story.
Gabe thought, "I need to write in good handwriting."
Gabe told this story, "Once my dog jumped into a cabinet. She is very funny. I love her so much."

Writing dialogue is hard. I need to practice. Ms. davis helped.


Miss Neville,
Thank you for saying that about me. I'm proud of myself too!

Bronwyn G

Gabe was unhappy because the dog jumped into the cabinet where all his stories were kept.

Gabe said, 'Naughty dog!'

The dog only said, 'Woof woof' because it was worried about how its owner would treat it.

Gabe said, 'It's okay, I love you so much.'

Well done with YOUR dialogue, by the way!


It really isn’t so hard to write. It is pretty easy here are some tips you may use in your writing.

• make a web
• make an outline by paragraphs and what is the paragraph going to be about
• use your own voice
• don’t copy anyone’s words
• use your best descriptive words
• if you don’t know the topic very well ask questions about it
• share what you feel about your topic at the end
• try to make the reader always want to read it
• make sure that it paints a picture in the reader’s head

Make sure you always paint a picture in your reader’s head because then your reader may not feel like reading your post. So painting a picture is very important!

These are tips that I use too. If you use these tips your writing may improve. I should know these tips helped me improve my writing up to 99.9% when I was at 9.9%!

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