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Mr. Brune

Hey, Ian!
I think Saturday & Sunday sound like good days! What do you play? My son and I were playing in our backyard last week making a trail. That was fun!
Mr. Brune

Bronwyn G

I also want to know what you play. My, it sounds like you have a busy week! I read a discussion on the Internet about whether kids your age should do so many activities as they do today.

Is your brother a good hockey player, Ian?


Greetings from California, Ian! What do you do while your brother plays hockey? When my stepsons were little, one would play cards with me or do homework while the other one had an activity. My daughter is pretty busy with afterschool too. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday afternoon are Tae Kwon Do, and Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday she rides her horse. But the horse days have lots of play, too, because her friends are there. At Tae Kwon Do they have a study club, too.


Hey, Ian!

I am amazed at how hard you and your brother work to be good at sports. I am really proud of you. I know that in our family we have a hard time sticking to a strict schedule. We like to have mostly free time. I think that it's interesting and wonderful that every family is different. What do you like to do with your "free time"?


Mr. Brune,

I play hockey, karate, and I'm starting up baseball
too. Do you play any sports?

Heather Carter

Hey Ian!

Your web postings are very interesting! It sounds like you are a very energetic and busy young man! It's great that you are so involved in extra curricular activities like karate and church! Just make sure you don't practice the karate on the people at church!

I want to encourage you by saying that your spelling on your blog entries is commendable. You mentioned in one of your postings that you have trouble with spelling, but so far, all of your words look pretty good!

Ian, I hope you have a good week and that you continue to enjoy writing!

Heather Carter

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