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Mr. Brune

Hi, Julia!
OH! This made me thing about cleaning out my kitchen cabinet when there are old potatoes in it. WOW old potatoes can be STINKY! How do they get that stinky?!
Mr. Brune

Bronwyn G

I don't know. Perhaps they are left there for a VERY long time, like Julia's trash. We try to clean out our trash/rubbish every Tuesday, and our harder rubbish every second week. My Dad loves to pick up this sort of rubbish and see if he can find a new use for it. Usually he does.

Very well done, Julia!


Greetings from California, Julia! I hate cleaning out the trashcans so I don't do it very often. This year we had lots of odd squash plants from seeds that grew out of the compost heap. One was green and yellow striped--I don't know where THAT came from.

My nephew was the lead in the school play last week. He has also appeared on stage with professional companies, because he is a singer. Acting is a wonderful thing to do.

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