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Bronwyn G

Julia, I understand when your hand hurts because I go through the same thing. Writers have to take care of their muscular skeletal systems by doing regular exercise. We are like athletes - we have to push through the hurt and pain if we are going to get anything done.

This may contradict what Ms Neville and others may say about writing being FUN! I'm glad you find sharing your writing a rewarding process. It makes the pain worth it, when you know you have caused other people pleasure and thinking time. Do you think lots about the stories other people have shared?

Miss Neville


Well, most of the time, you get to choose your own topics. Thank you for the compliments though! I think all of you make me be creative!!! What are some topics you enjoy writing about?

Bronwyn G

I too would like to know the topics you enjoy writing about. Maybe you could write some of them in this blog.


Hi Julia, my name is Loreen and I too have brown hair. It sounds like you are very responsible—cleaning is a hard task but a good responsible skill. I love watching movies so I hope to see you one day as an actress and I can say that I knew when you were just blogging. Sometimes when I write it makes my hand hurt as well, but when I write about something that is important to me, I only think of the topic and the pain goes away. What do you like to write about?


Hi Loreen,
I like to write about fiction things. Thank you for complementing me about seeing me as an actress some day. What color of eyes do you have?


Well Bronywn If you're talking about running I hate it. Do you like writing? Does it make your hand hurt?

Bronwyn G


I do like writing and yes it does make my hand hurt.

Don't worry! There's all kinds of athletics other than running. There's throwing things and jumping over things (both hurdles and long jump - both of which were my specialities at school).

Besides which I was using a metaphor for writing. Sometimes writing can be the loneliness of the long-distance runner.

I do appreciate your asking me to clarify, and I hope you learnt something.

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