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Mr. Brune

Hi, Kristen!
I was taking lessons to learn how to play the guitar. It was hard! Then we moved and my guitar is still under my bed. You made me think about getting it out and taking lessons again.
Mr. Brune

Bronwyn G

Kirsten, wow that you got to learn about Australia. You will learn a lot more about Australia. I think it is exciting to learn about America, as it is such an important country in the world today. I like to learn about Russia and other countries in what was termed Eastern Europe.

Focus sounds fantastic. I imagine you are focused there! Especially with your singing. Singing gives people so much pleasure. Do you think you would like to sing in a choir in the future? How did your sister do in the competition?

I hear your sister had a blog, but you weren't allowed to post a link to it. That's OK. I understand why. Do your parents and brother also have blogs? If not, they should.


Hi from California, Kristen. I ride horses too, I like it a lot. It must have been exciting to go to Loretta Lynn's ranch.

Do you play the guitar while your sister sings?



As you know I sit right across from you in focus.I like horseback riding too!

Mrs. Clement

Hi Kristen,
I really enjoyed reading your blog. You’re not going to believe this, but this is the first time I’ve ever used a blog! . I am a fourth grade teacher and am very impressed with your writing skills.
What a coincidence that you find Australia exciting! My class just held International Night and researched Australia. I have actually been there, and it is an exciting place. Maybe you’ll be able to visit there sometime.
I am also happy to hear that you are in Focus. I hope you are challenged to do your best and to reach to learn new things. It’s exciting, isn’t it?
Keep up the great work and excellent writing.

Mrs. Clement


Dear,Mr.Brune I hope you get your guitar out and take lessons.Maybe one day you'll become a professional guitar player. What type of guitar do you have? love ya! Kristen


Dear,Bronwyn I really hope one day I can go to Austrailia.We learned a lot about Austrailia.Did you get any souveners from Austrailia?How old are you? Whats the most exiting thing about Austrailiia for you, love ya! Kristen.


Dear,Gabe I do know you sit across from me in focus . Why do you like horseback riding? Do you enjoy focus?


Dear,Elizabeth Ditz Somtimes I play for my sister.But most of the time she sings with music.The competition my sister was in went well she didn't win but she was in the top six, love ya!

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