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Dear Mrs. Davis,

The best thing i've learned about blogging was learning how to leave comments. And I like reading other peoples stories. There realy interesting. Love,Kristen


Dear Mrs. Davis,

I liked your blog, but am having trouble answering your ?. My favorite thing about blogging is commenting rilly.still can't answer your ?.


Dear Mrs.Davis,

I have learned that when I blog my blog can go all over the world! Even in Japan! I can't wait to learn more.
Your friend,


Dear Mrs.Davis,

When we blog we comment to anybody. Blogging is so much fun! Thank you Mrs.Davis for helpping us blog.


Bronwyn G

Hi, Kirsten, Dominic, Brittany and Julia!

Sorry I didn't see you there last week when all the other students were commenting.

Julia: having a blog go to Japan is impressive, I think so.

Dominic: I don't know what Mrs Davis asked you. Really look at the key terms. That always helps me answer a question when a teacher asks me one.

Kirsten: Reading other peopls' stories - whether fiction or nonfiction - is one of my own favourite parts of blogging.

Brittany: I also enjoy commenting to people, as you can see.

Mrs Davis and Mrs Neville: Are you studying simple, complex and compound sentences? And dependent and independent clauses?

Miss Neville

Dear Bronwyn G,

First I want to thank you for making so many comments. Our class loves to blog and it is only the beginning! Thank you for taking the time and for having the love of teaching and blogging!

We were studying the following types of sentence: Command, Asking, Telling/Statement, and Exclamation. We have also talked about pronouns, simple/compound subjects, and adjectives. The English language can be tricky sometimes, but they are doing great!

Bronwyn G

Studying those sentences sounds great.

I think I can give an example of each, if you don't mind.

Command: Christian, sit down and stop playing with that pencil.

Brittany, why haven't you done your homework?

Sahil, look at the beautiful sunset. Isn't it nice?

Julia, what a beautiful picture! It should go into the art museum!


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