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Mr. Brune

My students are making valetines for our kindergarten buddies. I love it when when we get together with our kindergarten buddies. At then end I tell my class to give a handshake, highfive, or hug to their partners. Almost everyone give hugs!
Mr. Brune

Bronwyn G

How nice, Mr Brune, that the fifth-graders give hugs. Do even the boys do this?

Hope you do well on your Social Science project, Mimi. And I hope your Valentine is well-received. I wrote an article about the person I love and it got into the local newspaper. Now I have to plan a date for tomorrow - and also go to a Media Committee meeting. I want to be a books subeditor. A subeditor is an editor who works under another editor and is responsible for the section - in my case - the books. And going through publicity materials for various publishers, reading the books and writing the reviews.

Do you like reading at all, Mimi? How do you feel about writing? It was exciting to get to know you better!


Hello from California, Mimi. What country's flag did you report on?

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