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Bronwyn G

Your thoughts on writing really resonated with me Mimi.

I am sure you will also know why, how and when to write. These are at least as important.

I'm glad you were able to do your work even while you weren't in school. You're very responsible and I hope you will continue to do this as you grow up, because then you wiil be a valued student and worker.

Great also that you are focusing on your future. I get a lot of ideas for my stories and novels from the future too!

Miss Neville

Mimi, what a great way to explain your thinking when you are writing.

What are some of the topics you are working on now? Why have you chosen those to write about?


Mimi, I am so impressed that you already know what to write about and even more impressed that you like to share your thoughts. Do you write often? What is your favorite piece of writing?


Miss Neville,
Thank you for typing me a comment. I am not thinking of a topic right now but I will get on it soon. What are your topics right now?


Dear Bronwyn G.,I'm sure that you know all the time what to write about. I do, too. You are a great writer. I say this because you have all these questions to ask and things you want to know. Here are my questions:
How old are you?
What grade are you in?
How many friends do you have?
Well, bye.


Hi Loreen,
Yes, I write often. My favorite one is the one we just did about our introduction. What is your favorite one?

Bronwyn G

Thank you for asking these personal questions.

I am 22 years old, and I will turn 23 on March the 21st. I was born in the Year of the Boar.

I am studying Professional Writing and Editing. We don't necessarily have grades at my stage of education, I have been there 4 years from 2002 to the present. I have been studying writing since I was 19, for all of my adult life.

I have many good friends from all over the world.

I do hope this answers all your questions and that you get a more rounded picture of the person who writes to you.


Mimi, after I read your post about writing on your post I realized that you really love writing. Your post was kind of short but you really showed quite a few details and Word Choice. In order to pick good word choice you have to read the following questions. You can ask your self these questions.
Word Choice:
• Does your writing flow?
• Have I used any exciting words?
• Did I use vivid vocabulary?
• *Did I use different or interesting words?
• Will they make a good comment?
• Do you have descriptive words?
• Did I grab my reader’s attention with my words?

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