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Hi, Sahil!
When I was younger I LOVED playingb baseketball anf football, too! I used to love diving for the football when I would make a catch! I could play ALL day!
Bye. Mr. Brune

Bronwyn G

Hi Sahil! It's interesting that you want to be a professional football player. I liked hearing about your dog and his name. I wish your dog happy birthday when that date comes.

Love the colours you have put on the class blog. Be careful with some colours, because they can be very hard to read, like yellow and orange.

Tell us more about the basketball playoffs when you have time. I used to play Continuous Knockout when I was younger.


Greetings from California, Sahil! Tell me more about your dog--how did you decide on that name? What color is he? Are there games you like to play with him? My dog Jenny is a golden retriever and she likes to run after balls. She also likes to jump into water.

Ewa McGrail

Hi Sahil,

My name is Ewa McGrail. I am a university professor. My favorite summer sport is swimming and my best winter outdoor activity is downhill skiing. When I lived in Europe, I used to go skiing every season for two weeks to one of the alpine villages in Austria. I used to be good at these sports, but now I am a bit out of practice. I am pretty sure that I could not compete with you in basketball or football. On another note, congratulations on winning the basketball playoffs! You must be so proud, are you?

You mentioned that you would like to be a professional football player. I know many people who play it for different reasons, such as developing friendships, becoming self-confident, or even becoming popular among their peers. What is it that you like so much about this sport? Do you practice it a lot?

You see, your good writing made me ask a lot of questions.

Keep up the good work!

Dr. M.


Mr. Brune,
Thank you for commenting to me. My basketball team is Knext and we won the semi-finals. What was your team's name?


I also like to play knockout
My team name is Knext. What
is Continuous Knockout?


My dog came with the name. Her color is yellow. I like to play tug of war with her. What color is Jenny?


Sahil - What an exciting post. How did your dog get its name? Where are you from you sound like an amazing writer? You see details are the gold in your story. When you add details it makes you story great and out standing. So remember to put details in your story. One more thing don’t use the boring details use the ones that make you jump out your and scream.
Give Lots of Details!

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