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Bronwyn G

Comments are great. I hope you will be interested in what I have to say about writing. I was very interested in what you had to say about writing. I hope you all had a happy weekend.

It is a shame when some people are not responsible. Responsibility is an ability which grows with time. I have seen the consequences of being irresponsible. Some people procrastinate because they think they have done the task in their head, but have not done it on paper or in a form somebody can see. Sometimes they get called liars.

Glad you had a lot of fun writing about writing. I think it is some of the greatest fun there is. I continue to be inspired by you guys. Even the ones who didn't write because you taught me a valuable lesson.

Miss Neville

I have to agree with Mrs. Davis, your posts about writing were awesome! What creative thinkers we have!

I know some of you did not get to read or respond to your comments on Friday. We just ran out of time, didn't we? I think my next post will be asking you to develop a plan on how we can try to make time for reading and responding to some of our comments.

Keep up the good work my little bloggers!

Love, Miss Neville

Bronwyn G

That sounds like a good plan, Miss Neville!

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