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I liked your podcast. I've never heard of one before. How long have you been blogging? How old are you? Did you make it by yourself? Love, Kristen


Jason, I like the podcast that you made, it's very cool. You gave me a lot of good tips.Is there anything you need help with? How did you make your podcast? One day I want to learn how to make one, that would be very exciting to learn how to do. I hope that when i'm in 5th grade i'll be able to make a podcast and send it to second third and 4th graders. Do you enjoy blogging and making podcast? What are your hobbies? Do you like writing why? or why not? I like writing but after a while my hand starts hurting. Does yours?



Yes I like blogging. To make a podcast you can use a digital recorder and microphone. I'm 11. And you can help me by doing good on your post so that maybe more kids like you and me can do posts. don't forget to add humor sometime!


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