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Ms. Roper

Dear Boys & Girls,
First I must tell you that I am really impressed with your blog! Your writing has been fabulous. Are you really only in the 2nd grade? You are writing as if you are much older. I also love the pictures that you have drawn to include in your post. It looks like Miss Neville has a class full of wonderful artists!
I know that you must be learning tons of fascinating information about blogging from Mrs. Davis. She is the Queen of Blogging! So listen carefully to her advice because she will really help you to “bump up” your writing.
Don’t forget to listen to the advice of the 5th grade Blog Write group from House. They are so smart and I know they will share some great tips with each of you.
Best wishes & keep blogging!

Anna Chapa

I just wanted to say how wonderful it is to find a blog like this! I did not know it was possible to teach 2nd graders to blog. I don't really know how myself. This is my first time to respond. I've looked around on this site and am amazed at how much these little guys are learning, not just about technology, but also about the traits of writing. I wish some of my colleagues could see this and know that technology and classroom learning can be done at the same time. Thanks!!

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