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Bronwyn G

My trip to Southgate

I went to Southgate in the city. I felt the bridge sway and I touched the railing so I would not fall. I saw the river and the boats. Some of them were even going for a cruise, and I liked that. The Yarra River is long and brown. I saw buildings, including Flinders Street Station. I then walked across and I went to McDonalds where I tasted some coffee and a muffin. I was filled up for the afternoon, so I went to the museum and took a tram. The tram was coloured in its livery and I took a little time to find a seat and I had my ticket punched. Then I sat down and I saw the pigeons and sparrows on the street. I wonder what they had to eat - I suppose things that people had left, like fairy floss and maybe bread. We shouldn't feed the birds because it makes them dependent.


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