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Anne Davis

Lucy is going to represent the entire group with a reply to Philip.

Hello, How are you? We just want to tell you that the picture you took is really good! Emily thinks the lights make the sky look red. Now everyone wants to know what Paris looks like during the day. Dane thinks you are a great photographer. Everyone thanks you for taking the time to write us. We plan to get a picture for you. Thank you for teaching us more about Paris. It's 9:30 here and 4:30 there. Thank you for teaching us facts about Paris.

plus Emily,Jenny, Jacqueline,Lindsay, Derrick, Perla, Ben, Brianna, Kayla, and Mrs.Davis


Hello Lucy, Emily, Jenny, Jacqueline, Lindsay, Derrick, Dane, Perla, Ben, Brianna, and Kayla.

It's nice hearing from you all.

I'm sending a picture that shows the same view of Paris, by day. It extends slightly further to the South than the night picture, so you can see the "Tour Montparnasse", the only skyscraper in Paris proper. All the others are grouped in a business suburb and you can't see them on this picture. However, to the right of the skyscraper, you can see the top of the Arc of Triumph, a very famous monument built to celebrate the victories of Napoleon.

I hope Mrs Davis can post the picture for you. I'll be looking forward to seeing yours.

Greetings to all

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