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Jeanie Smith

Hey Perla,
This is a pretty hard topic to discuss, but I think you were very sensitive to the subject and gave some good suggestions. I thought it may have been good to suggest talking to the counselor or teacher in private. I am sure it is hard to trust another person especially if the abuser is someone that you love. Thank you for opening our minds to be aware of our friends that may need our help.

J. Smith


Dear Jeanie Smith,

First of all I want to thank you for responding to me .I think it would be hard to tell on somedy that you lovebut sometimes you just have to do it.It would be a good idea to tell somebody you trust. I want to thank you again for responding me.

Your Friend

Julie Corey

Hi Perla,

This issue is an extremely sensitive one. This issue also makes me sad. I don't understand how people can have children, protect and nurture them, and then turn around and abuse them. The newspapers and television and full of stories that verify this fact, sad to say. I agree with your statement that a child caught in this situation should be their own hero. However, that takes support from understanding adults and friends. Sometimes the child may think the abusive behavior is normal (isn't that sad!) If you know of anyone who you suspect is being abused, I suggest you talk to the person and try to find out if the person will allow you to help. If they do, you can report abuse to a teacher or a counselor at school. There are also a number of very good organzations like the United Way that can lend assistance.

Bye for now.


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