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Hi, Derrick. I see from your post that you are thinking about some very big issues. One thing to remember is that the people of Afghanistan were being ordered around by a group called the Taliban. They caused a lot of damage in that country. The Taliban were friends with the people who destroyed the Twin Towers. The United States attacked the Taliban because of this and drove them out, but there was a lot of damage from that too. That is why they are trying to rebuild in Afghanistan.

Keep reading and thinking about these ideas, Derrick. You are doing what a good citizen needs to do: reading and thinking about important issues. Good luck.


Hi, Tim. Thanks about letting me learn more about the Taliban. I am glad you are responding to me. I thought that the Taliban were dead or gone. Why would the Afghan people fuss about rebuilding it when they know we are going to bomb them again? I also I herd the Cubans are going to bomb Florida threw Delewer.

Sherie Green

Derrick -
I agree with Tim about Afganistan. He made some interesting points about why we attacked them and the Taliban.
What are your opinions about rebuilding the Twin Towers? There are about 6 designs on the drawing board at the mement. Check out the link below from the BBC. It is an article from July 2002 about rebuilding the towers.

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