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Debi Gibson

I also like this web site. I know you are enjoying working with Mrs. Davis. She is a fantastic teacher. Please remember to put two spaces after a period when you type. This makes it so much easier to read! Keep up the good work and keep thinking hard.
Mrs. Gibson


Hi, Derrick. I love the feeling I have when I do things that make me think hard, but are fun at the same time. That's the best kind of work. One of the things I like to do that makes me think hard is writing - it's like exercise for my brain (and my typing fingers!). To write well, I have to read about the subject, maybe discuss it with some other people, and then choose my words and write it down. Keep it up! It's good for your mind. Have a great week.


Hi,Tim. I was so excited that you posted to me. I like writing to but it hurts my hands :( . I am pleased about you writing or(posting) to my thoughts and ideas. I like reading posts (like yours). I realy like this group do you?

I'll talk to later!

Sicerely Derrick :)


I hope you get used to writing so your hands don't hurt. I think the group is an excellent idea. I like reading your posts too. I'll write you again. Have a great Halloween.

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