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Julie Corey

Hi Ben,

This advertisment was really great! You really did your homework for this persuasive writing piece. You could describe the meats and vegetables a little more. You could also increase sales by having sandwiches on a variety of breads. Also, don't forget that nothing is better for repeat business than coupons.

See ya' next time.



Dear Julie Corey,
Thankyou for responding to my all time pursuasive paragraph. Believe me it a long time to think that up. And it did turn out ok. And I also wanted to thankyou for giving me some tips to improve it. Well I have to go now!!!
P.S.: Keep respoding.


I really enjoyed your persuasive writing. The vocabulary was excellent! The words and the pictures popped off the page. Well done. I loved that you thought of a slogan to use. The warm and cozy allusion to becoming a part of the Subway family was great. It is an important comfort zone for many people. Remember to capitalize Subway.
Keep on writing,


Dear Esta,
Thanks a lot for your responce, I really enjoyed it, yaa I think I think my adjectives were pretty good. The paragraph was hard to think up but I finally thought of something.
Well thanks for responding,
P.S. Keep responding.

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