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Julie Corey

Hi Emily,

I don't think I have written to you before, but your writing about Ecotourism really got my attention. I am not a big fan of letting tourist into untouched land because what usually follows is lots of pollution, and waste and litter, and the other things you mentioned. I have to be a realist, however, and remember that whenever a government allows tourism it is usually because tourism would solve some economic problems for the people. Tourism brings jobs and money into people's lives. I'm sure everyone thinks money is a worthy trade off and as long as the tourist did not cause evironmental stress, the people will usually go along with allowing tourism.


Thanks for responding to my writing. At our school we
made an anti pollution poster. It looks very nice. I agree with you. I don't know if we should try to pervent it or let it happen.
Happy Halloween!!!

Your friend,


My name is Christina from Mr. Richardson's journalism class. Ecotourism is a topic that we are talking about in my eleventh grade history class! I like how you asked a question, put an answer to that question, and then explained the answer under it. I think that is an effective way of organizing your information. Good job!

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