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Julie Corey

Hi Kayla,

I wrote to Brianna about being friends with a heavy person and I am glad to see that there is another sensitive and caring person in your class. I will also tell you that if you were friends with a heavy person that perhaps you might want to talk to them about becoming less heavy for their health. Why don't you and Brianna do some additional reading about health and heaviness and maybe we can discuss this later. Also, I am equally upset about the 13 year old boy who was killed. You may want to read a newspaper artilce on the story and get more facts. The adjectives you used to describe hurtful behavior were well stated.

Keep up the good work and I will write next week.


Dear Julie,
THANK YOU FOR EMAILING ME.(I LIKE TO SAY EMAIL BETTER THAN POSTING).Brianna and I are going to look at the "heavy" topic more.Could you send a picture of you to this site when you respond?
I would love it.I would hope we can meet each other one day.Could you tell me more of your opinion on the sniper?

Talk to you later,

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