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Debi Gibson

This was a fun story to read, Jennifer! I like the way it ended. You had me fooled. Please remember to hit the space bar two times after every period. This gives a little space between the sentences, so it is easier to read. I am looking forward to your next creation!
Mrs. Gibson


Hi Jennifer!

What a great story! Even though I don't ususally look for single sentences I like best, one really stood out as being well written. It is descriptive and uses imagery - helping me to really see the action in my mind. Here's the sentence:
"The anaconda slithered about wrapping itself around my waist." Good job! You could have made it even better by putting a word in to describe the anaconda. Something like, "The angry anaconda," or "The slippery anaconda," would also work well!

I look forward to the next story! Keep up the great work! Hope you have a great weekend.


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