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Julie Corey

Hi Brianna,

I couldn't agree more! The month of May is a very busy month. There are lots of school activities going on and testing may not be what is most important to a student during that time. The SAT9 and all other standardized test only judge how prepared you are to take the test on that particular day, just like you said. I also don't think the test tells how smart you are. I think it is more of an indicator of how well you will perform on certain grade work at a certain level. For example, the SAT is just a predictor of how well a student will perform in their first two years of college. Teachers should not be blamed, but students need to realize that standardized test are a part of schooling as we know it, so they should try to prepare for it.



Dear Julie Corey,
I think that the students should prepare earlier for the SAT9 test. If the students worked harder on the test, the teachers would not have to worry about taking the blame for the students scores! I send thanks to you for emailing me. I hope that you will keep me posted on how good or bad my work is.


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