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Anne Davis

Hi Ben,

I am glad you picked a person from Georgia for your hero. Jimmy Carter truly has made a life-long mission of working for peace.

I am enjoying my conference in Dallas, Texas. I am learning a lot. I look forward to seeing all of you next week.

Make today your very best writing piece!

Mrs. Davis


Thanks Mrs.Davis I always love your tips. I am glad you are having a good time in Dallas, Texas. I am improving in my grades a lot. Well I have to go post my questions See you next week!!!

Julie Corey

Hi Ben,

This is Julie Corey, your writing pal from Georgia State. I was VERY busy before Christmas and was not able to write anybody. My schedule has lightened up some and I am now ready to get back to writing my friends again.

Jimmy Carter is one of my heroes also. I watched the Nobel Prize ceremony on television and was very moved by the speech he presented. I intend to read one of his many books as soon as I can get a break from school reading. Maybe you can find a book that we can read together; or perhaps the entire Newsquest team would like to as well. Let's find out!

I'll write again soon.

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