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Anne Davis

Hello Lindsay,

I really like what you wrote about Colin Powell. He sure did work and persevere. He still does. He models how important it is to have goals and work hard to achieve them.

I will miss all of you today but look forward to seeing you next week. Keep up the good work. Make today your very best writing!

Mrs. Davis


Dear Mrs Davis, Thankyou for responding. I really admire Collin. He is an amazing man. Well gotta go.


Julie Corey

Hi Lindsay,

When I saw that Colin Powell was one of your heroes, I just had to comment. I have watched Mr. Powell give many speeches on television and he is always clear, eloquent and thoughtful. He also is very active in the volunteer movement. He especially likes to attract young people to find out what they can do to help people at an early age so that they can continue to help society as they grow older. The next time Colin Powell speaks out about the President's war policy, I will be paying very close attention and I hope you will too. Colin Powell is one of our President's most clear headed and thoughtful Cabinet members. The next time I listen you him, I will write you and we can discuss what he said.


Thank you Mrs.Davis:)
It's wonderful to have people like you that respond it feels like being an allstar baseball player with all your fans cheering you on wow what a wonderful experience. Thanks Again,Lindsay

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