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Anne Davis

Hi Kayla,

What a good story! Your choice of Rosa Parks is a good one. She truly did have courage, braveness, and determination. You brought in a lot of facts.

Have a good day today and write well. I can't wait to read it later. See you next week!

Anne Davis


Kayla, I am very impressed with your choice.One thing people don't always think about when they say the word "Hero" is the fact most heros are scared like everyone else, they just decide to overcome their fear to perform acts of bravery and valor.

Julie Corey

I too think that Rosa Parks is a hero also. I ride on MARTA a lot and I can tell you if the bus was crowded, and I was at the end of a very long and tiring day, I would not want to give up my seat on the bus either! Ms. Parks spoke for many people when she performed that act of civil disobedience. Her act, as well as the combinded acts of many people in the civil rights movement, helped shed light on the terrible conditions endured by many people of color. I hope you will expand your reading to include some of the other heroes of that time. We have many of them living here in Atlanta: John Lewis, Andrew Young and Joseph Lowery, just to name a few.

Keep up the good writing and I will be in touch soon.



Hi, I am so happy that someone has posted me. NO one has posted me in a LONG time. I need to use better vocabulary words. I would love it if you could post me new vocabulary words that you think I wouldn't know, that way I could use them in my stories. I have to go.


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