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Anne Davis

Hello Lucy!

What good writing and it is filled with interesting facts. You are a good thinker and your writing is certainly improving. Keep it up!

I will miss all of you today. Work those brain wrinkles! I look forward to seeing you next week.

Mrs. Davis

Lucy U.

Mrs.Green is going to send our homework and I wrote something there too. Thank you for what you said about me having a good writing!:) Ohhh.. yeah my dad said that he doesn't have the presser so he can't make the shirts. O and on my Schoolblog deisign I miss spelled-Schoolblogs I spelled it: Scoolblogs.:)-ha ha ! Very Funny!
I hope you have a very fun time and we all miss you very much!

Your News Quest Student,
Lucy U.

Sherie Green

Lucy -
Yes she is! Venus came didn't come from wealth yet she is able to prove herself in the sport of tennis. Her and her sister came into the limelight less than 5 years ago (I think) and have really proven themselves! I bet their father is their hero!
I'm glad you have chosen a worthy woman to write about as your hero.
Mrs. Green

Julie Corey

Hi Lucy,

I agree with you! Venus and Serena are two of the most exciting players in tennis. They are both powerful and graceful players; but Venus is my favorite. She moves across the court like a gazelle. I hope both she and her sister continue to stay focused on the game and give the tennis fans years of enjoyment watching them play and win. Have you watched them on television recently? I saw Venus play and win in Australia and she was fabulous.

I'm signing off for now but will write more next time.


Lucy U.

Dear Julie,
Thank you so much for coming HERE and responding!!! I didn't think that anybody would. Well, I would take more time to respond even more but we have to get to work. Please take time to visit my website at:


It may not be up though because something is going wrong at Georgia State.
Thank you again for writing!
Lucy U.

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