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I am Lain. I have been asked to look at this site. I don't get this. What is the point? what do you do. It is not clear to me.


Anne Davis


Thank you for looking at the NewsQuest site. May I ask you who asked you to look at this site?

Over on the side of this weblog is a link that is entitled How This Site Works and it gives the following explanation: This site is a weblog. Weblogs have frequent entries called posts. The editor (person who writes the main entries) can either cover a broad range of topics or have a narrow focus on a specific topic. A weblog usually takes the form of a long, cascading page with the newest information added to the top of the page. A calendar is often included at the top of the site so you can refer back to previous posts. It is kind of like reading backwards through a book.

SchoolBlogs are weblogs for education. A lot of educators around the world are creating sites to provide new ways of teaching and learning in our classrooms. See this link for a comprehensive explanation of Schoolblogs.

The best way to learn how to use this site is to explore. Content is created in the form of news stories, discussion, or story links. Remember, you can always return to the beginning page by clicking on the home button

The purpose of this schoolblog is to use current events as a springboard to teach critical thinking skills, writing, media awareness and to make connections with the school's curriculum objectives. We will be exploring the possibilities of using weblogs as a vehicle to provide a web site that is interactive, can be frequently updated, and is collaborative for elementary students.

We want to see what works, what doesn't, and how we can use weblogs effectively to prepare our students for the future as thinkers.

Also, the About Link gives further explanation. I meet with the students once a week and they have progressed from this weblog to their individual weblogs. Hope this helps your understanding of our site. We are basically exploring the use of weblogs for elementary schools.

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