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Hey Patrick! Thanks for the great advice! I hope to teach the 4th or 5th grade soon and I need advice from students. I really liked what you said about taking time to get to know each student. That is a tip I will use when I become a teacher. Thank you so much! If you have anymore advice for me, please email me!


One more thing, Patrick - I love what you said about respect. I think that is the most important thing in a classroom.
Thanks Again,
Christen Gibbons


Hi Patrick
This is great advice and I needed to hear it. It's so easy to forget what it's like to sit in a classroom as a student all day and listen to an adult teach all day long. Just incorporating your ideas into the classroom would help make the day easier and more interesting for everyone. Your teacher sounds like a really good one--hope you guys are being nice to her, too.


Thanks for the great advice! I will take it to heart!


Thanks for the advice....it means a lot to me!

University of Saskatchewan

Gee Patrick, what great advice. We're from Saskatchewan, Canada and we're going to be teachers too. We're taking your advice, and we'll make our teaching fun and show our students respect.


Thanks for the great advice on how to be a good teacher. I will be a teacher next semester so I will try to use some of your great advice!! Hope you have a wonderful school year!

Leslie Jarrard

Thanks for the advice Patrick. I am a student at Georgia State University and I am looking forward to teaching students ike you. Good luck throughout fifth grade.


Thanks Patrick!

I remember when I was in fourth grade... about a hundred years ago. I wish that I had a teacher like yours. I hope to have a classroom that my students look forward to everyday. Keep up the great writing!!!



Thank you your nice to talk about how good my blogg was I can tell that you are all going to be a great teacher I think your students are going to like you.


Thank you very much. I love it. I'm trying to be a good teacher. Your suggestion seems to help.


I am so excited. Those advices made my day! It seems to be easy to be a teacher, but I know a lot of patience is needed. I will be trying my best to be a teacher like that. I have no experience at all and will be teaching English lessons here where I live, Brazil. I hope one day a student (or better yet, all of my students) think I am a very good teacher, and that they will have good things to tell about me. :)

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