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Mrs. Smith

You really expressed yourself well in your blog. You know that you can do anything that you are willing to put forth a little more effort than maybe what most kids seem to. I know from experience myself. I had 3 sisters and 1 brother and I was not as good in school as them. I have learned though as time goes on that everyone can achieve and reach their goal but maybe not at the same pace as another and there is nothing wrong with that. I think that makes a person even more admirable that puts forth the effort. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I know that you will reach your goal! Keep up the hard work, you can do it!

J. Smith

Ms. Roper

It’s wonderful that you are passionate about your education Patrick! Your goal is within your reach ~ it is all in your hands. I think that you are very smart. I can tell that by reading your blog!

The sky is the limit. Don’t ever give up on yourself no matter what your brother has told you. Prove him wrong! Pass the 5th grade and don’t stop there! Keep going and one day you could be a college graduate. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Above all else, keep your word and do your best. I’ll be cheering for you and I bet that all of your teachers at House will be too!

Ms. Roper

Sam D

Nice post Patrick, let me tell you a story from when I was a kid.

When I was in the 8th grade I was at a school where they could kick me out for not passing, and they were going to. At the end of the year a bunch of the teachers met and had a meeting where they were trying to figure out if I could 'cut' it at the school, some teachers fought for me and some fought against me, in the end they decided to give me until November (the day they gave me was the day before my birthday, nice present eh?). Well when my advisor told me this he also was kind enought to give me a warning, "one of the teachers who fought the hardest to have you kicked out, is one of your teachers next year" needless to say that made me angry and I decided that I would "show him" ...

I did, I got an A in his class and by the end of the first month he was asking for my help in the class (BASIC programing... in the 80s) and I designed a game he could not win...

In the end I graduated from that high school with honors, got a degree in Aero-space engineering, became a middle school teacher, and now am an independent software developer.

Just remember that no one can tell you what you can accomplish, only you have the real control over that. Don't let anyone hold you down. I went from almost all F's to all A's because I decided to work at it, you can too.

sam d

ps. I am told all the time that I can't spell my way out of a paper bag, you know what... it's true, but I don't let it hold me back that's what spell cheking (see) is for ;)

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson http://home.att.net/~quotations/inspirational.html

N.  McKeand


I think you have a good plan here. Just work hard and don't be afraid to ask for help from your teacher when you need it, and I bet you will pass 5th grade!

Your blog shows that you are smart - smart enough to realize that you can't let what your brother said keep you from succeeding. If you can keep thinking like that, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Best of luck to you.

N. McKeand

Mrs. Peddle

Hi Patrick,
I have spent some time reading over your blog posts. You seem very smart and insightful to me. You organize your thoughts very well and you are able to get your point across to your readers. I am very impressed with your spelling skills. The skills you display are very important to great authors and writers, which is what you are...a great writer and author! Keep up the great blogging. I'll be checking back.

Kim Peddle

Mr. Kuropatwa

Hi Patrick,

I teach grade 12 math in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I'm really impressed with the courage and honesty you expressed in your post. It takes great strength of character to overcome the foolish and hurtful comments that people sometimes make. Your brief post shows how smart you are; too smart to pay any attention to someone else's hurtful comments. Different people learn different things at different paces. It has nothing to do with their intelligence or potential.

If all the students in my classes had the same attitude you do they would all be honour students! The desire to learn and willingness to try are the keys to success and you obviously have all the keys you need to open the door to a very bright future. Keep it up Patrick; you've got all the right stuff!

Darren Kuropatwa


Do people all over the country read your brother's writing? Because you have several friends here in Chicago Illinois who enjoy reading your work and share it with each other. You are a fantastic writer and I hope you continue writing long after you have passed the fifth grade!

Steve Dembo

Pat Street

Hi Patrick!
I've written and edited lots of Spelling books (you might even use them at your school). I really think that people are either good spellers or terrible spellers for life. My nephew A.J. is a terrible speller. All through school he would write me letters starting with "Dere Ant Pat." To this day, he still can't spell. He's 35 and he is in charge of all the doctors at a big hospital. How does he succeed in the business world? He uses SPELL CHECK! I have another adult friend named Erik who can't spell either. He thinks "stuff" is spelled "stough" because it rhymes with "enough." If Erik can't figure out how to spell a word, he calls me up long distance and asks me! Both of these people are really smart and successful. Spelling ability doesn't have very much to do with success in life.
Anyway, please don't believe your brother's insults. You're clearly very smart, not stupid. Just remember -- you don't need to prove ANYTHING to HIM -- you need to prove it to yourself!
Pat Street

Tim Merritt

Hi, Patrick.

I have three brothers and a sister, and we used to say all kinds of mean things to each other, like your brother said to you. Sometimes brothers do that....

I know it hurt when he said that, but it helped make a change in you. That change comes from *you*, not from what he said. Right now you feel that passion to succeed in fifth grade just to show him. That's a great start. But when you *do* succeed, I can tell you right now what it will feel like: you'll know that you did it for yourself, not just to show your brother. You'll know that it was your own passion and your own energy that made the difference, not some mean thing someone else said.

Keep that passion, keep that energy, and you will keep growing and changing, getting smarter and stronger! You'll be a powerhouse!

Mrs. Hooper

Dear Patrick,
I have known you for a very long time and I think you are a very special student. What is it that is so special about you? Your attitude is and always has been terrific!I am very confident that you are going to pass fifth grade and will be in middle school next year because you are working and studying hard. I am going to miss you.
Mrs. Hooper

Collin Bonner

I’m a special education teacher in an elementary school and I can understand your struggles. I’m dyslexic myself and I struggled with reading and spelling when I was your age. In fact I could not get through this post without a spell checker! ;) I admire your resolve and determination and I want you to know that just because you are having difficulties with reading and spelling, it does not mean you are stupid. Here is a quote and the link it came from that sums up what reading researchers have discovered:
“Research into reading difficulties over the last twenty or more years show quite clearly that the abilities associated with reading and spelling skills are independent of intelligence.”
Keep working hard Patrick! Reading will be one of the most rewarding skills you will learn and the more you practice the better you will be. If you combine the reading with your perseverance, mix in the wonderful information literacy skills you are learning and there is no limit to what you can accomplish!

Paula Willis

Hello, Patrick! Your writing about worries of passing 5th grade is really good! Brothers sometimes criticize when actually they are envious of your talents! And you do have writing talent, Patrick! Do your best and try not to worry. You're going to be a good student in the SIXTH GRADE next year! Sincerely, Paula Willis, a friend of Mrs. Davis. She knows you're going to do well this year too!!!

Kathryn Blades

Hello Patrick, Keep writing because you express yourself with so much passion and conviction. My mother is not a good speller and she was a high school English teacher, but what I want you to do between now and the end of the year, is keep writing and practice your reading. Reading is like basketball and baseball and football. You get better when you practice. Brothers and sisters can say things that are mean and hurtful. I know, I have three sisters and a brother, and I'm a whole lot older than you ;) Do your best and keep writing.


I thought that your posting was great! Is your brother mean to you? I have an older sister. She is real mean. But I don't get to see her a lot at all because she lives in Florida with her boyfriend and her mom and step-father and she doesn't visit because she has collage to go to and a job. I haven't seen her in 4 years! So be thankful that you have a brother that is still there with you! And be thankful until he goes off to collage and leaves you!


I think the same ting about the turtle, just joking nice job

Marco Polo

Hi, Patrick,

Don't think "bad grades" = stupid. There's not a straight line between the two. There's more to being smart than good grades, believe me. Thanks for writing. Good luck.


Loved reading about your positive attitude. Have a Year 6 son who would benefit from hearing what you have to say.


Hi Patrick

Being a teacher but a mum first it is really important to share how you feel. If by doing this it helps you on your journey, then that is fabulous.
Glad I stumbled on it


i love your post about 5th grade. I am really sorry about some of the sad things your family, but one day I wiil know that you have became your dream.

Lisa B.

Hi Patrick. I looked at some of your other blogs too and you've really come a long way. I'm proud of you! Our school is reading Of Beetles and Angels by Mawi Asgedon and I think that you would like that book. It is an example of how a positive attitude with little else to go on can get you a long way in the world. Good luck to you!
Lisa B.

Thing #4 5th grade- Jennifer Coleman

I like the way that you expressed yourself. I cheer you on! I think setting goals and achieving them is very important. I like the way you want to prove your brother wrong. Good Job on the passing grades. Keep it up and you will be out of 5th grade in no time. I think a lot of 5th graders with your attitude could go along way.

Del Lovinggood

Patrick, I am so proud of you! Both in your writing and in you attitude. Never let someone else set your goals for you. You can be and do anything in the universe that you work and strive for. Believe this in your heart! I wish you the very best the world has to offer in your successful future.

holic gold

I really like your post, thanks for sharing.


Do you remember the story " The Little Engine that Could". It was about a train that would not give up, when everyone told him he could not go up the hill. This is you, The Little Engine. Never let anybody tell you that you could not do anything. All things are possiable.Keep up the good work.


Your great attitude will take you far. I have taught both special education, regular education, and gifted education and have found that students who have a good work ethic acheive more no matter what they are labeled.
Keep up the good work!

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