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Anne Davis

Patrick, this is absolutely one of your best posts! I know you worked long and hard on it. It is very meaningful and I'm sure all those who commented to you will love reading it. I am soooooooooooooooo proud of you!

Mrs. Davis

Nancy McKeand

Patrick, I think you did a great job on this post. I am going to show it to my college students so they can see how you used a little bit of what everyone said in your message. I wish they could do it as well as you did!

Nancy McKeand

Darren Kuropatwa

Patrick, you're a real class act!

Best wishes,
Darren Kuropatwa

Denise Smith

Patrick - You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders. You are making choices now that will effect the person you become in middle and high school. Keep up the good work. Keep up with the blogging!!! You are doing a wonderful job.


To determine a grade for sntuetds teachers that are finishing up quarter one, the supervisor should be able to decide to give a pass or fail in the field based on what that sntuetds teacher has done. The observations should be considered a huge part of the student teachers grade, because this is where the supervisor gets to see the teacher in action . If the student teacher follows his or her lesson plans and adjusts them to the sntuetds while he or she is teaching, as well as containing all the components to a good lesson plan, then i would consider this student teacher successful for their observation. Also if the student teacher hands in other assignments on time, but even if it is late a day, I would not fail this student because now a days student teachers are expected to take on a huge work load. Writing and planning these lessons which are so in-depth takes a long time, then having to reflect on them takes even longer. Just as I give my 5th graders a little extra time if they need it to complete a homework assignment. Although it is important to teach young student teachers as well as young kids that deadlines need to be met. In order to be professional it is important to be on time. The student teachers TWS should be considered a huge part if they pass or fail. If the student teacher has all of the components done, I believe they should pass even if some need a little correction. This is a field where we are learning everyday and failing a student because they tried and did something wrong is not going to teach them. It will just make them hate their teachers, but then again if they do not complete parts of it, they deserve to fail because we where given such a long time to complete these assignments and provided with sources to get help if they needed it. Im not sure if this is what you were looking for but these are the things I would look for in a student teacher to decide if they pass or fail.


Well when i was in 6th grade i did "How Can Colors Affect Our Moods" and i got first place. Our teacher sugesgted that we come up with 3 things that interest us and then come up with science projects that have to do with our interests.Ex. If you like animals you could do a project on animals.Good luck (:References :

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