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I agree with your idea about putting yourself into the story. Writing is an expression of the author's ideas about life and their approach to the world.

Of course you are writing for yourself, and there is no reason to be bothered by any one making fun of your efforts. There is a balance to this, however, as people sometimes offer criticism that is constructive, and that can help you to become a better writer. The trick is to know which criticisms are constructive and which criticisms are simply pointless. I think that generally you can trust someone in a teaching position, and probably your parents. These people should care about you and help you to improve your writing skills.

- Rodney

Susan Sedro

Patrick, I agree that it can be difficult for family members to give each other constructive feedback. Even in classroom communities it can be difficult. It sounds like your Ms. Davis has found a good way by using words like , "Pump it up!" Do you think families could find a way to use similar code words to critique each other, or would it still be a problem of people getting mad or being too nice?



I agree that you shouldn't be bothered by your friends or family when you are doing a report. Thank you for the comments that you have made. You made me a bettter writer with the tips that you put in.


Your writing made me think that we should all sop listing to our families and friends redicules and start thinking for ourseleves.


Hi Patrick. I read your some of your writings. I really enjoyed that piece you wrote called "My Tip". I think you're a very good writer.

Kelsie Beitel

Ms. Best

I agree Patrick you can't just write to please the teacher, sounds like you will have a very authentic voice when you become a fiction writer. Although I must say I disagree with you on the family part. I like my family members to review my work because it serves as a good outside eye nd a practical view of what you've written. If they say something totally mean and off-wall you can just take it as a grain of salt, in other words ignore it. If they sugar coat their critique just say thank you! But, I'm sure there's bound to be someone who will give you an honest critique. Keep up the good work.

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