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Aaron Campbell

It's wonderful that you learned so much this year, especiallly how to write better sentences. Isn't learning fun? You know, if everyone kept writing messages on their blogs, you wouldn't miss your friends so much!

Good luck in the future.

Nancy McKeand

Patrick, I think you have really learned a lot this year. I went back and read some of your first posts, and I can see that your writing has gotten much better.

I hope you can continue to blog because I enjoy reading your posts.

Ruaridh MacDonald

Hey Patrick you are an awesome writer!! I love all the voice that you put into your writing I really hope you keep blogging because I love to read your writing!!



I, too, am new to blogging and am amazed by how many people post comments. As a new teacher and a student myself, I know how encouraging it can be to get a response from those with more experience. Consider telling your new teachers about your blogging comments and lessons--maybe one of them will start a new lesson that includes this form of writing and communication.
It is nice to see you taking pride in your growth as a writer!

Michelle C

I think that it is so wonderful that you are so inspired and excited about learning and that blogging has done so many positive things for you. It has been a way for you to develop as a writer, share your stories, learn from others, and meet new people (among many other things I am sure).
I love that you want to keep writing and sharing your stories with others. That is so awesome. Writing is like riding a bike or anything else: the more you do it, the better and more confident you will become. So, keep it up!

Jean DeRosa

Patrick, I teach students who struggle like you do. I love that you are blogging. Struggles with Reading and Spelling have nothing to do with intelligence. Its hereditary. So you can thank someone in your family. You are probably hugely gifted in another area. Siblings just sometimes arent the best people to use to measure our worth. You are doing great.

Deb Haynes

This is 5 years from your original post. I hope you have continued to learn and grow in your attitudes about how you feel about yourself. If your "Thank You" post to all the people who encouraged you on your "5th grade journey" is an indicator, you are doing well. Keep going.

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