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Nice tips. I will try to use your tips on my writing.


I think that my tips were good too and I hope other people do too.


hey paulina
you are so right about your tips on writing!!!
you're pretty good when it comes to writing tips
do you get that alot? well
its a good thing you set up your own"tips" thing because it works!!


I'm glad other people realize that tips are very important because they are.


Paulina, those are some great writing tips that you came up with! All of the ones that you mentioned seem to be applicable at any age or for any type of writing. I know that when I try to write papers, I also look to use new and more vivid rules in my writing as well as rearranging my sentences. Another tip that I have found helpful in my own writing is to be sure to use transition words in your writing. This way it is easy to build connections between thoughts made in the paper.


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